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There are 5 results found.

  • Catherine van Beuningen

    Catherine van Beuningen

    • Function:senior researcher
    • Research Group:Foreign Language Education
  • Manon Bloemen

    Manon Bloemen

    • Function:Lecturer, senior researcher
    • Research Group:Lifestyle and Health
    • Expertise:children, child physiotherapy, child with disability, wheelchair, fitness, physical activity, movement behaviour, behavioral change, participation
  • Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir

    Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir

    • Function:senior researcher
    • Research Group:Chronic Illnesses
    • Expertise:patients with stroke, caregivers, functional mobility, activities of of daily living, falls, depression, food and drinks, malnutrition, interdisciplinary collaboration, nursing research, systematic reviews, chronic illnesses
  • Eveline van der Herberg

    Eveline van der Herberg

    • Function:senior researcher
    • Research Group:Marketing, Market Research and Innovation
  • Danielle Lako

    Danielle Lako

    • Function:senior researcher
    • Research Group:Debt and Debt Collection