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  • Theo-van-den-Bogaart


    • Function:teacher-researcher, Lecturer, Researcher
    • Research Group:Mathematics Education
    • Expertise:mathematics education, teacher education
  • Paul Drijvers

    Paul Drijvers

    • Function:Professor
    • Research Group:Mathematics Education
  • Gerard Dummer

    Gerard Dummer

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Science and Technology Education, Mathematics Education
    • Expertise:Technology in the teacher training institute, arithmetic education
  • Mieke van Groenestijn

    Mieke van Groenestijn

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Mathematics Education
    • Expertise:arithmetic, diagnostics of arithmetic, numeracy, adult education
  • Kees Hoogland

    Kees Hoogland

    • Function:teacher-researcher, Researcher
    • Research Group:Mathematics Education
    • Expertise:numeracy, arithmetic education, mathematics education, designing multimedia, implementation of curriculum arithmetic, mathematics and numeracy
  • Marjolein Kool

    Marjolein Kool

    • Function:Researcher
    • Research Group:Mathematics Education
    • Expertise:history of arithmetic education, history of mathematics education, interactive training of basic mathematical skills, implementation of the Mathematical Knowledge Base in the curriculum of the teacher education institutes for primary education, arithmetic education, mathematics education