In Europe we face a number of ‘grand challenges’. These are encompassed within the following themes: growing older actively and healthily, sustainability, mobility, climate and resources, food safety and social innovation.

Together with our partners - businesses, organizations, government bodies and other knowledge institutions - HU University of Applied Sciences has chosen a number of 'challenges' that reflect the specific needs and strengths of the Amersfoort / Utrecht region. We want to ensure that our practice-oriented higher education and research will help the region to take on some of the challenges it faces.
The challenges are the following:

  1. Creative industry
  2. Sustainable development
  3. Health care and technology, and
  4. Social innovation at the local level.

These are the areas in which we are seeking to lead the way. All our activities in these areas are socially and / or economically relevant. We provide insights and generate tangible, integrated and practical solutions.

Where possible or necessary, we also look to the European level for shared solutions to shared challenges. We do this in cooperation with our partners in Carpe. But we focus primarily on professional practice in the Utrecht / Amersfoort region.