Assessment in vocational and professional education

This research focuses on the quality of assessment in vocational education. The starting point is my PhD research (Baartman, 2008 - see Utrecht University Library / Igitur), in which I have developed and validated 12 quality criteria to evaluate  the quality of Competence Assessment Programmes. In this PhD research I have also developed a self-evaluation tool teacher teams can use to evaluate the quality of their assessments themselves. (see This tool is currently used in several courses in VMBO, MBO and HBO.

In my current research, I work with Dr. Raymond Kloppenburg (Faculty of Law and Society) on a newversion of this self-assessment tool. The starting point is to look at assessment programs, the combination of assessment methods that enable the assessment of (clusters of) competencies. This programmatic view on assessment is relatively new and little explored. Instead of starting with the quality of an individual assessment in a course, the validity and reliability of all assessments in relation to each other is evaluated (see also Van der Vleuten et al, 2012). Besides validity and reliability the formative function of assessments is explicitly taken into account: the transparency, impact on learning and instruction and feedback the assessments yield.