The construction sector is facing an increasing demand to build more expensive and elaborate buildings therefore requiring them to build bigger and more expensive construction sites. To try and meet these demands while still keeping costs at a minimum, a number of large construction companies, like Strukton, have begun to research the different methods in which they can cut costs. One way would be to improve the break rooms for construction workers by building self-sufficient trailers or construction-units. This would be step one in one-day reaching completely self-sufficient construction sites.

The combined efforts between Strukton and the Green Prototype Platform are aimed at the research, the creation, and the development of renewable construction-unit concepts that will meet the demands of the workers. The reality of this and making it practical is very important. The eventual goal is to show that these ambitions are possible, and we can start that by designing and constructing a construction-unit system.  

The ideal result is a practical prototype of a construction-unit. The foundation is being formed via a trailer donated by Strukton. From this more research can be done to discover new and different methods of which self-sustainability is possible and practical in the construction-units. As the first prototype is built there will be possibilities to learn from it, and then to redesign and remodel the construction-unit.


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