Co-design pressure cooker

Project Goal

Inform Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) about co-design and enable them to experience the possible benefits

Research Question

How is co-design applied in daily SME- work practice?

Project Description

The idea of the Co-design Pressure Cooker was simple but effective: Digest the ingredients for an innovative product or a promising new service in a proverbial pressure cooker by involving future users at an early stage and – together with designers – convert their findings into real improvements. Ten SMEs (e.g., Verheul Staircases, Scala Publishing, Jansen Medicars) were coupled to a design agency and a co-design expert to work on the SME’s design brief during 10 weeks. Employed co-design methods were (e.g.): safari, mini-internship, contextual inquiry, and context mapping. After 10 weeks, for each SME several concepts were developed based on user insights.


March 2009 - December 2009

Funded by

Province of Utrecht

Project team

Remko van der Lugt Christine de Lille


32 Small and Medium Enterprises 6 Co-Design agencies
8 Design agencies