Creative Expercience Learning Labs (CELL)

Project team: Nathalie Waser en Harry van Vliet
Project duration: 2009-2011
Aim: Promoting collaboration and knowledge and information transfer between companies, education and research within the creative industries.

CELL is an innovative platform bringing creative artists, "ordinary business", research and education to collaborate on practical cases. CELL is particularly aimed at innovation in medium to large scale companies focusing on design, entertainment and cross-media.
The activities within the CELL are focused on knowledge development, innovation and knowledge transfer. Various projects have been setup in order to address this. The various projects are aimed at different aspects of the innovation process: Idea creation, concept development, knowledge development, production, market introduction, prototypes or innovations to the business model.
In addition to this there are also knowledge development projects. Knowledge development is being realised through "Job Rotation", thematic network conferences and events and an internationally benchmarked Innovation Centre. 

The intended results for the CELL programme include:

  • Developing and applying successful projects fitting appropriately to the nature of Open Innovation;
  • Creating new business activities through start-ups or spin-offs;
  • Continuing with around 10 product innovation trajectories, half of which will be successfully concluded with a market introduction (the usual for this are as low as 10%);
  • Helping at least 20 companies develop a concrete concept for product innovation;
  • Media focus on product innovation in the Noordvleugel Region;
  • Developing talent and more graduates within HU for the Creative Industries;
  • Organising various meetings aimed at disseminating knowledge and project results, as well as establishing media focus on employers in the region;
  • Publications and presentations about new research projects.