Let’s suppose that you are a communication bureau or advertising agency and you want to achieve a particular change in behaviour. How would you choose the campaign strategy with the greatest chance of success? It is for this purpose that the Marketing, Market Research and Innovation research group developed an online tool, which they named the DUS!Board. This project ran from December 2013 to June 2014. The research group worked on this project together with UCreate (previously known as the Creative Industry Centre of Expertise). 

The DUS!Board is an interactive digital tool that helps agencies in the creative sector to make a strategic choice for the most promising campaign strategy in a systematic manner. This means that DUS!Board helps them to work in a way that is accountable even during the very first stage of a communication project.

Three easy steps

When using the DUS!Board, there are three steps that need to be completed which have been developed on the basis of the DUS! model in order to ensure that work is done in a way that is accountable during the first phase, the strategic deployment (or decisional) phase. The DUS!Board helps users to proceed with the analysis process in a systematic manner and clarify the assumptions behind the objectives (1) to the analysis of the problem behaviour and the desired behaviour (2). The output of the DUS!Board is a recommendation on the most promising strategy (3) based on scientific literature. 

Towards the most promising influence strategy 

Behind the scenes, the tool works like this. The DUS!Board starts with over 20 different messages and influence techniques, which are based on scientific literature. These are filtered out using weights and funnels which have been built into the various components. Based on the responses given, the DUS!Board narrows down the appropriate influence strategies until eventually between 3 and 5 of the most promising influence techniques remain.

This is done by means of a step-by-step process:

  1. formulate target
  2. behavioural analysis
  3. campaign strategy 

The DUS!Board is the product of the Return on Creativity project.

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Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

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