Fitness industry in motion

Project Goal

Introducing innovations that prevent retention in the fitness industry

Research Question

Which factors determine steady fitness behavior?

Project Description

Fitness studios are continuously faced with a relatively high retention rate among their customers without knowing the underlying reasons. These reasons were investigated by collecting the tales of 13 fitness practitioners from two fitness studios. Context Mapping was used to vividly explore the world of the fitness practitioner. A week prior to the creative session, participants were sensitized with an attractive “kit” comprising various creative assignments.

During the session, they made collages around themes like health and their sports history and told their stories which were transcribed and extensively interpreted. The results generated many unforeseen and personal insights in the lives of fitness practitioners, resulting in a list of determinants, which was incorporated in 7 exercise profiles, 13 portraits, and a predictive model containing the motivating factors. All results were bundled in the book entitled: “What moves one to move?” The results formed the prelude to large-scale quantitative online survey, performed by the Faculty of Economy and Management.

Project information


October 2009 - November 2011

Funded by

Driessen Aerospace 

Project team

Remko van der Lugt
Fred Montijn
Toine Kooter (student PDE) Jan Paul van Vliet (PDE)


Research Centre Innbus (FEM)


Family Fitness
Fitness First
13 fitness practitioners


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Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

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