Framework for Innovation Competencies Development and Assessment (FINCODA)

Duration: 2 years 

Aim and target group

This is a European Knowledge Alliance project with a budget of €1 million. The partners involved in this project will develop an assessment tool for students. This tool will measure the innovation skills of students. The research group for Methodology of Applied Research is responsible for the validation study, and as such will ensure that the tool is scientifically sound and measures the right things in both education and practice. 

Relevance to education

Universities currently have no means by which they can measure the development of innovation skills in students and thereby encourage them in this area. This means that we do not know which teaching and learning methods are effective. Companies do not have the resources and knowledge to do this. Lack of knowledge in this area means that potential economic benefits are not being realized. Through this project, we are working on building a stronger link between universities and the business community for the innovators of the future. This will lower the threshold for students starting work and ensure that companies can attract the talent that they need. 


Universities of the Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education (CARPE): Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Universitat Politècnica de València, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Manchester Metropolitan University. Nine innovative companies from different countries are also collaborating for this project. 




Assessment Tool with which to measure the innovation skills of students. This needs to be practically relevant for business and education, and it must provide a scientific method by which to measure the capacity to innovate. 


The tool is to be made available to both universities and businesses. 

Professors and researchers involved

  • Daan Andriessen, professor
  • René Butter, senior lecturer, researcher

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