Credibility in immediate circumstances (PhD research)

Duration: 2018 - present
Involved research group: Journalism in Digital Transition
Involved professor: Yael de Haan
Involved researchers: Sebastiaan van der Lubben
Involved course: School for Journalism

If immediacy is inextricably linked to online journalism, the question arises as to how journalists organize credibility. Classical credibility studies point to the sender, the communication channel or the message with which this credibility can be determined. But credibility is not only reserved for the producer of discourse: there are online network effects that determine credibility and consumers themselves also actively get started with the information they receive.

In this sense, credibility is not a product, but the outcome of a process or negotiation between producers and (news) consumers. How and under what circumstances both parties reach an agreement, will be investigated on the basis of a relatively new online, journalistic genre: the live blog. The aim is to test journalistic strategies of credibility on understanding and acceptance by news consumers. Through a genre analysis, content analysis and semi-experiments, insight is gained into mechanisms for journalistic credibility under immediate circumstances.

Quality journalism in Digital Transition

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