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To make self-sustainability transparent and realistic through building prototypes at the Hogeschool Utrecht is the essence of the Green Prototyping Platform. Everyone wants to improve the world. And we do that through experimenting with renewable concepts taken from the market. By doing so, we hope to speed up the process of moving towards a self-sustainable society. 

Through the creation of networks between schools, governments, and businesses alike the Green Prototyping Platform will speed up the process of building a self-sufficient business sector, with hopes of forming a self-sufficient society as well.
The Green Prototyping Platform delivers a practical, innovative, and co-creative approach for bringing renewable ambitions to life. In the GPP self-sustainable prototypes are being created through a project-based and integral manner by students, all stemming from the ideas of businesses. 
The goal is ten years of research with students, professors, businesses, schools, and governments towards self-sustaining concepts. The results after ten years will be diverse. Diverse methods of how to obtain self-sustainability, but also in the creation of the national and international network to link the participating businesses, universities, social and technological departments, and other organizations, with the Hogeschool Utrecht acting as a central headquarters of information and delegation.

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