Happy Healthy School

Research shows that the air in classrooms today is not clean. In fact there is an unhealthy amount of pollutants in the air. This puts the children at risk as well while also hindering their ability to reach their potential.

The Happy Healthy School project focuses on this problem and attempts to research if these harmful pollutants can be filtered by placing greenhouses in schools. The use of natural air circulation can be a cheap sustainable method of cleaning the air that is vented into the schools.

The goal of Happy Healthy School is to test and research an innovative idea and its practicality and possibilities. With the results of our research, further work can be done to eventually create a self-sustaining, cheap, air filtration system. Eventually schools will have a clean and healthy air supply.

The ideal result is the creation of a prototype of the Happy Healthy School.From this the effectiveness and application can be researched, and the practicality of the project can be discovered.

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