Stimulating negotiation of meaning of students in senior secondary vocational education and its influence on their personal professional theories

This project is finished.

In this study it is assumed that the development towards becoming a professional means that by a process of negotiation of meaning both formal theoretical knowledge and empirical knowledge are acquired. By discussing professional dilemmas with each other on a profound level this theoretical and empirical knowledge are integrated and internalized, personal professional theories are (re)developed. The doctoral research explores how, in the context of vocational education, this process of negotiation of meaning can be stimulated.

Central question of the research project is: How can teachers’ contingent modelling enhance the development of students’ personal professional theories via negotiation of meaning in senior secondary vocational education?

To answer this research question, four studies will be conducted, resulting in five articles for the dissertation. It concerns a longitudinal study, in the sense that teachers in the studies remain the same.

Overview of the research project in the figure below: