Healing healthcare environment

Project Goal 

Enable Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) to apply the HHE-concept, in order to improve their innovative capacity and market position

Research Question 

Does a built environment designed according to the HHE- concept contribute to the user’s wellbeing?

Project Description

HHE implies the contribution of the built environment (e.g., daylight and color) to the users’ physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Although this theoretically sounds very promising, in daily SME-design practice it remains unclear how to actually apply the HHE-concept. Students of the Co-design Studio-minor developed the following concepts to facilitate SMEs:
• Personas that represent user groups within the HHE-concept; 
• Web application that generates insight in issues for patients, such as treatment, admission packing list, route description, etc; 
• Application that facilitates nursing staff in identifying locations of materials and colleagues; 
• Virtual reality-application to demonstrate HEE-concepts to installation companies (graduate student Product Design & Engineering);

Project Information


February 2010 - January 2012 

Funded by 


Project team 

Remko van der Lugt 
Danielle Vossebeld 
Jens Gijbels


Faculty of Communication and Journalism (HU) Research group for Demand-driven Care (FG) Minor Co-Design Studio (HU)
Minor Public Health Engineering (HU) Students from various studies (HU) 


Meander Medical Center WeLL Design
Völker Bedden


Explorer Conceptualize Prototype