Journalism education in liquid times

Duration: 2018 - present
Involved research group: Journalism in Digital Transition
Involved professor: Yael de Haan
Involved researchers: Chris van der Heijden, Judith Popken
Involved course: School for Journalism

On all journalism schools, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere, there is uncertainty about the right direction, which skills to offer, what knowledge to teach and how. The explanation for this uncertainty can be traced back to uncertainty about journalism itself - its content, form, function and more. This research analyzes how journalism schools and teachers deal with and / or respond to this uncertainty. We do this by the information-recall method. Recordings are made of teaching situations. The aim of the research is to arrive at a 'persona', i.e. a description of characteristics and capacities in which the journalism teacher must comply in liquid times.

Quality journalism in Digital Transition

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