Learning analytics for demand-driven teaching and supervision

This project investigates the relationship between the personal orientations of students and their academic success. The goal is to develop demand-driven teaching and supervision. The expectation is that the academic success rate will improve if education can be better tailored to individual students.

Coordinating education with personal orientation

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht wants to provide teachers and academic advisors with a better understanding and awareness of the diversity that exists within the student population. By identifying segments within the larger student population on the basis of the factors that motivate students (their needs, motivation and attitude to studying), teaching teams can develop teaching and supervision that are driven by demand. Working methods, assessment, teaching and individual supervision will all be tailored to the personal orientation of the student. This is expected to lead to an improvement in academic achievement. 

Background, personal orientation, experiences, and attitude to studying

The project will bring together various types of data into a database and then analyse this data. The data have already been collected and relate to students' background, motivation, skills, participation and academic success. The data are supplemented by the results of a questionnaire on students’ personal orientations. Using a student panel, further information is collected periodically on the students’ experiences of education, motivation, study behaviour and study strategy. 

Effects on academic achievement and attitudes to study

Using this tool for learning analytics, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht will be able to monitor and evaluate (the effects on) academic achievement, study behaviour and the educational experience of students from the various segments identified. Periodic reports will provide teams of teachers with a rich insight into the experiences of students. They will be able to use these reports develop a demand-driven system of education and approach students in a more individualized way.
The results of the project will be made available for the entire higher education sector.

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