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Project Networking for Growth is the outcome of the results of the SIA Raak project Building physics interventions for the well-being of frail elderly (BEZO-project). The aim of the project was to communicate and spread the knowhow and knowledge of the BEZO-project to the Installation branche. Meetings were organized by Opleidings- en ontwikkelingsfonds voor het Technisch InstallatieBedrijf (OTIB) in Woerden, the Netherlands thus bringing the Installation sector and the Healthcare sector working closer together.


The aim of the project was to realize matchmaking, transparency and accessibility for the installation and healthcare sector.

Result transparency and accessibility

Three meetings were organized. During the meetings knowhow from the BEZO-project was shared with the installation sector and interested healthcare organizations. As a result, the small business sector has acquired knowhow about elderly care. These organizations are now able to help healthcare organizations better. For the meetings partners from the BEZO-project and from OTIB were involved. Several progressive healthcare organizations and small businesses from the installations sector with focus on healthcare participated in the meetings.

Result matchmaking

Dissemination of knowledge has been realized in association with OTIB. OTIB and members of the Ondernemersorganisatie voor de installatiebranche en de elektrotechnische detailhandel (UNETO-VNI) met and shared knowledgeable information with healthcare organizations who want to create a life enrichment care facility and were able to ask questions about the establishment of their real estate.
University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is working and collaborating with the organization Beeldzorgadvies (The Netherlands) through a project around the Health-Kit.

Networking for Growth BEZO is financed by NRPO SIA (SIA Raak nr. NVG-28-20 1 2-1 4-38P).

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