Bachelor students teacher education investigate what and how to teach their subject in vocational education

This project is finished

In November 2010 in a collaboration between Archimedes Institute and the Vocational Education Research Group a research project started in which a) bachelor students were able to conduct research about guidance in vocational education as part of their (teacher) education and b) the implementation by students and their accompanying educators simultaneously was monitored.
From November 2010 to June 2011 a review of the curriculum took place. The results of this review are listed in the report "Research in the Bachelor of Archimedes Institute' (Van Leeuwen, December 2011) (in Dutch, see downloads).
As a pilot project in 2011-2012 (academic year) a group of students conducted research
at the Vocational Education Research Group about the way in which they can use their subject in professional education. The students learn from each other, with the support of the Research Group, through a research group of students. From Archimedes Institute they are guided by their teachers.
In September 2012, the pilot continues and students’ research will be more strongly embedded in the curriculum.
The monitor of the pilot looks at experiences of students while doing research, what works out well, what works out less well, what needs do they have with regard to guidance. It also examines how teachers supervise and assess  the research work of the students and where they encounter problems in that context.