One Stop Shop housing renovation

Homeowners who want to renovate their homes in a sustainable manner often do not know where they should start. A number of construction companies, together with students of Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, have developed a One Stop Shop concept for renovation. This will help sustainable renovation to be not only energy-neutral, but also cost-neutral.ventilatie binnenklimaat

Goals and approach

Several groups of students from HU University of Applied Sciences have worked with companies to develop renovation prototypes to make it easier for homeowners to decide to carry out sustainable renovation work on their home. Which changes is it wise to make? Who can carry out these changes? And how much money could be saved, compared to the cost of the work? Homeowners can choose from several prototypes, which are then individualized to suit that project. Because each house is different and energy consumption is also different for each household. The One Stop Shop with its elaborate renovation prototypes makes it easier for private homeowners to make decisions relating to sustainable home renovation.

The One Stop Shop is also developing unique business models, which can mean that the renovation work ends up being cost-neutral for the owners. One such model is that the owner invests an amount equivalent to what he or she would pay out to the energy supplier over a number of years without making their home greener. This means that in the end, the renovation work costs almost nothing.


The sustainably renovated homes are energy-neutral: they consume as much energy as they produce. The prototypes and business models should be suitable for use on a large scale, making them an attractive proposition for companies to invest in. Projects can also be tailored for customers, something that existing renovation solutions cannot offer.

Partner institutions

Three companies - a building contractor, a timber factory and a consultancy company - from the south, east and west of the country, act as the principal contractor for the One Stop Shop, operating under the name BJW.


BJW; more investors are currently being identified.



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