Brand personality

People choose brands that suit their own identity. This has been demonstrated by recent research into consumer behaviour. They do this because they perceive a ‘fit’ between the brand ‘as a person’ and their own self. This is called self-congruence. 

Methods of measuring brand fit

There are several ways to measure this ‘fit’. One of the instruments available is that of archetypes. This instrument is used in practice, although its effectiveness has not yet been scientifically proven. Another method uses the human personality structure, also known as the ‘Big Five’. This instrument has been scientifically proven, but it provides only a limited view of what makes a human or a brand into a ‘person’. The instrument does not take account of the values that people find important and that they increasingly expect to be reflected in brands and companies. And those values could well prove to be a supplementary factor: a factor that affects the degree of self-congruence, but that cannot yet be measured. 

Research goal

In this study, Ronald Voorn develops the following:

  • a more holistic theory of the brand as a person
  • a better instrument with which to measure this

This allows companies to estimate their self-congruence more precisely, so that they can design, manage and evaluate their brands better.

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

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